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    I’M SO SAD

    If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I certainly did not start my life off thinking I’m so sad. Nor did I realize how the lush green fields of alfalfa around a home as a child were barely keeping those feelings at bay. Alfalfa is not to be confused with the less forgivable hay that won’t lay over when you ran through it. Alfalfa draws you in and makes you want to play. You want to roll down the hill like a child no matter how old you get. As a child I was happy spending hours outside of my mother’s…



    How to separate the facts 101. Here are the reasons why the NBA vs police is the last place this fight should be happening for everyone involved. In full disclosure, I do watch basketball. Similarly, I will not watch any national sport that does not represent the N in the first place, so please depart now if you do not agree. You are a paid “player.” Throwing a tantrum and taking everyone hostage in the process is a victim mentality that will not win any game, on or off the court. THE NBA VS POLICE: LEBRON JAMES I will never forget the outrage I felt when I read LeBron statement…

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    No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

    Not only by logo, but definition, BLM is violent group with communist goals. No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM. Besides, when does disparity not become racial? Take statistical disparity for example. Statistically males commit more crime than females, but we do not say the justice department is sexist. Do we refer to this crime as male privilege? No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – BLM IS PACKED FULL OF COMMUNIST GOALS 9/11 VS George Floyd I wouldn’t say May 25, 2020 was as shocking as 9/11; the devastation that followed was nothing short of 9/11. The reason May 25, 2020…

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    Yes, I am white. What is the problem with being white became a question after events in May spurred the movement, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and had me asking myself, am I really a racist? The more evidence I showed to the contrary the more I was met with saying you’re not a racist only proves you are and cyber bulling including, but not limited to: copying and distributing of my Facebook profile (and my husband’s), death threats via phone and text/Facebook messages, and threats to have me fired from my job, as seen in the Cancelled in the Wokeplace. AM I REALLY A RACIST: SYSTEMIC RACISM, POLITICS OR BOTH…

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    If you are looking for more from your hustle here are some easy tips to be a better driver and maybe score some better tips too. Being in the service industry is not easy. Easy tips to be a better driver for Uber/Lyft will give you ways to improve your business, daily rituals and stress. I’ve been driving for a couple years now and maintain a 4.97-4.98 rating (knocking on something). Using these tips has got me the 50 five star streak for Excellent Service and Great Conversation. So, let’s get into what is first. What Does Your Car Look Like? If that question makes you nervous you’re not going…