BEST TIPS FOR DIY HAIR COLOR – Go From Brown to Blonde Hair In One Step

DIY hair color can be tricky.  My best tips for DIY hair color takes the guess work out of just how to go from brown to blonde hair in one step – no salon necessary.

I know living on a budget with kids leaves my pampering at the bottom of the list. Looking good and not paying a fortune has become an increasingly challenging task. I can tell you since the start of my best tips for DIY hair color, I do not miss the salon bill at all.

I’ve been blonde in the past; fed up with maintenance fees and the hassle of touchups I went back to ol’ mousey blonde with inches of brownish and gray hair. 

Then I learned how to dye my own hair, well.

By well I mean easily – like go from brown to blonde hair in one step. 

This is the best tips for DIY hair color you’re going to find in one step and you’re going to love it!


DIY hair color, in my option, is not one of those DIY things because: 1) it’s easy to mess up the colors, 2) people can usually tell if you do it yourself and 3) it can be difficult to maintain it properly. 

I learned how to go from brown to blonde hair in one step and I was able to keep it looking great, touch up when needed, and not spend a lot of money in the salon.

First things first, this is easy; the title of this post does not say go from black to blonde. 

The operative word here is brown. 

I would go as far as saying ash blonde.  From the picture you might say mousy brown/dirty blondish color, so how this would work on a lighter natural blonde or someone with black hair is not in my wheel house.

I am NOT a cosmetologist, nor do I play one on Everything I learned about going from go from brown to blonde hair in one step I learned on


This is the best at home hair color that I use and what works for my hair color.  If you think you have similar colored hair and want to try it to this may work for you.

If you struggle to like your hair, check out our post to understand your hair and end your frustration in one step.


It’s important to note there are a few deciding factors for this result that may apply to you to0:

1) only one kit was used,

2) my hair is relatively healthy, but I have low porosity hair, so dye times are longer for my hair type (learn more about your hair type) and

3) previous highlights can increase damage if overlapped.

BEFORE: notice the two pieces at my bangs in the left picture make a V shape.

Go From Brown to Blonde Hair In One Step


Find these items at your local stores (e.g., Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or anywhere hair-coloring is sold). I was not able to and that is saying something considering I live in a metropolis –

Mixing Bowl & Brush

Frost & Glow


First: Take a look at your hair and visualize where you would like highlights to be.  Its important you can see where you would like to see highlights so you can “paint” them into your hair.

Second: Determine your framing pieces (e.g., around your face).

Third:  In a place that is not visible, I practiced the technique I’m going to describe below by clipping up my hair to expose an area to test.

  1. Take a small amount of hair, maybe a quarter inch wide and fairly thin.  Judging the amount of hair by how it feels between your fingers.  I like just enough hair so that I can not feel skin-to-skin touching through the stands.
  2. Grab the strand from the top. Take your bleach mixture and coat a little less than half of the length.
  3. Look at the strands and determine a V.  Move your grip and hold your hair from the bottom.
  4. Using gloves from where the dye ends I dip my fingers in the dye mixture and begin to move the dye up from the saturated area – outer edges only – to make a V with the bleach.  This step should only cover the outer edges. Make a W for larger pieces.  Using a light hand as you move toward your roots will help avoid too much application.
  5. That’s it.  My hair sets up and I start testing from 15 minutes on to get my preferred lightness, not to exceed the recommended time unless you know what your doing of course.
  6. I proceed to the rest of my hair if I like the result.

Struggle to like your hair outside of color? Check out this post to understand your hair and end your frustration in one step.

My first time, I did my entire head until all areas felt crunchy. 

If I am touching up, as shown in this picture, I do my entire crown and a few random pieces down to the bottom of my hair line to help with blending. 

As you can see in the “after” picture (below), I went heavy around my face.

Best Tips for DIY Hair Color


  • If you have trouble visualizing the highlights take a picture and draw them in with an app like PicMonkey.  Using a black and white photo can help define contrast as well.
  • Keep in mind the bleach will set up faster as you move toward your roots because, of the heat from your scalp.
  • Keep the coating thinner as you move toward your roots.
  • Start highlights in the back of your head. Work toward the front and evenly from side to side.
  • I do small and large highlights (quarter to 1/2 inch wide) for touch.
  • I use bigger sections around my face and fully coat root to end.
  • Overlapping previously bleached areas will lead to unnecessary damage.
  • Not recommended for black hair.

Also try a rice water rinse – how to, benefits and instructions.


These steps are optional and included in the steps I take to get the results pictured. I buy all these items when they are on sale and get plenty of deals via text message/email options at sign up.

  1. Shampoo with purple shampoo once a week.  I use Lange’s purple shampoo every couple weeks to keep brass color at bay.
  2. Touching up my crown every 4-6 weeks and all over every five months.
  3. Once a week I make a hair mask for your DIY hair color with a tablespoon of mayo (full fat) and an egg.  This is enough for shoulder length hair.  Place it all over your hair and let sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse.  Shampoo and condition after as usual. 
  4. Every two weeks I use Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-shampoo to bring the life back to my color.

It’s been a long while since I have liked my hair; after learning how to go from brown to blonde hair in one step (and being able to maintain it) I love it! 

Although the task of dying and high-lighting your hair can be tedious the results are spectacular. The best part is the cost.

Don’t be shy, I’d love to see how it turned out for you if you try it!  Feel free to post a before and after.  Also, if you have any questions, fire away!

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