This is a broad catch-all design that encapsulates all types of personal improvement and maintenance life hacks.  We discuss all topics related to You and potential outcomes of trying to be your best self or improve upon it. 

For example, what is going to happen if you decide to dye your own hair in one step from brown to blonde at home.  How can you be Happier?

Here it is our aim to help aid with father times seemingly sudden appearance.  (I mean really, he had to have been here the whole time or is it just me?  Suddenly, I feel like I look every bit of almost 50 and all at once.) 


We’ll also discuss what techniques really show results, when, and what you can do to save money.  No-one wants to spend money on products that don’t really work. You can end your hair frustration in one step, really.

You will find ways to eliminate research time, thorough product and technique reviews, and before and afters of recommended techniques to improve yourself or your space.

Sit back and enjoy all the personal improvement and maintenance related topics.  If you are wondering about a product or technique you could not find on, don’t be shy…. we are here to help.  Let us know!