Who knew that break over the summer would become your life goals.  After many DIY projects and never ending house hold item replacements, the common theme is usually: figure out a way to save money! 

Money, money, money. 


Currency was the only thing I think of more than returning to the times to not adulting.  This section on money is just about letting the obstacles become the way.

All the resources under this topic are designed to help you improve your relationship with money.  Resources can be reviews, book recommendations, challenges, accountability, motivations and community.  Etcetera.

Although there are many other ways you can develop your relationship with money, we suggest beginning with our BusyBudgeter 90 Day Budget Bootcamp Review.  The best part, it’s free! 

This is just one of the unique challenges to shift your money paradigm and begin to own the life you want and love. 

We’ll see you there!