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Organizing Baby’s Stuff

Hands down, organizing baby’s stuff and organization is a hot topic! If done well, it can make your house feel like a little get away. Organizing baby’s stuff in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and car, etcetera is here to help!

With four kids I got real clear on how important organizing baby’s stuff can be to less stressful living (and parent overwhelm).

It is especially important when your two-year-old is in the bath tub and your newborn is screaming for a new diaper. You are not going to abandon your bathing child. You have to find a compromise. Below are some simple ideas to help keep a cohesive house.


The first organization tip is my second favorite because bath time always ended up in our bathroom.

From the beginning of my third child’s life, I cleared out one drawer in my dresser and stocked it with all my newborn’s needs.

Organizing Baby's Drawer

In all honesty, I usually ended up changing diapers on the floor facing the bathroom. The changing pad on top of the dresser is a nice touch for all other times, don’t you think?

You can put onesies, booties, hats, little mits to name a few other stock items you might want nearby if you set up a remote changing site.


I love, love, love an organized closet. Do I always have it? No.

I do have great tips to organize your closet easily, despite your busy signal.

What I love even more is when you have multiple purposes for closet storage and you can simply close the closet doors to stop the little ones from unloading your hard labor!


These are ideas you can save to look at later. Each link is packed with ideas!


Dwelling & Telling has an adorable nursery layout.

Organizing baby's stuff closet

Her ideas on how to organize for small places and a clean, minimalist baby room are great.

Dwelling & Telling gives you a view of the whole room that invite you to relax.

Sometimes closet space can be limited or not available at all.

Organizing baby's stuff no closet

Project Nursery shows you how no closet is no problem.

Baskets filled with stuffed animals or toys on the bottom can provide hours of distractions for a baby.


Baby's Bathroom

It’s not hard for toys to take over the bathroom. Picking up toys is a hassle!

Picking up toys with this toy organizer provides easy pickup for mom or child. Just hang it up to drain and dry!

Project Nursery covered Life in Bridgetown’s idea of repurposing wire baskets and SO MUCH MORE.

Wash clothes, shampoo, diapers or lotion!

Organizing Baby's Stuff

Not pictured, but my all time favorite way to keep convenience close: place a basket or two under the bathroom sink to keep all your items together.

You can fill them with pajamas and other night time preparation needs.


Baby's Kitchen Stuff

Temporary solutions, like pictured, go a long way when transitioning baby to family meals.

I like this over the door solution (unknown source) to keep all the bottles and meal time needs in one area!

You can easily add or take away items that are no longer needed.

For example, store pacifiers, if you use them, bottles and formula in the beginning. Baby food, training cups, teething biscuits, and snacks can be stored later.

The bib storage is great because you don’t have to use drawer space.

You can also use temporary hooks on the back of a highchair for bibs.

Organizing Baby's Stuff

Beautiful Optimism has a great solution for baby food storage. My favorite is the tree spinner for squeeze pouches.


These ideas will help keep you from being caught unprepared when you are away from home.

You don’t want to miss all the organizational ideas Taylor-Mademama has!

Organizing Baby's Stuff

Hative has a great collection of ideas for organizing your car for any age!

These are great for all the times you forget something and many other organizational ideas.


Solutions come when you think about the areas where you have trouble focusing or accomplishing your goals (e.g., getting through bath time without feeling frustrated).

If you can target the area(s) causing the issue you can begin finding solutions! Above are all the areas I have run into issues having four children.

The car organization is going to be an issue when potty training or for outfit blowouts.

There will come a day you forget the diaper bag!

Here we’ve identified the best areas that help organize baby’s stuff to make routines easier; you can find similar solutions to all areas of the house here.

Good luck, and please, feel free to share your organization tips below in the comments.

Are you overwhelmed with organization in general? Check out our steps to organize your closet, easily that you can apply to any area (even your car).

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