Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Setup & Commands

Although the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is no longer available for purchase; if you have landed one you know it is awesome! Yes, there is some mixed reviews on it’s functionality. If you follow the steps below you will find the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is a breeze to work with. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Remember the 2% rule when working with your Barbie Hello Dreamhouse: you only have to be 2% smarter then the technology you are operating!

1. Download the Toytalk app

This Toytalk app will be your interface with the house. It is available for Android and Apple users. Note: your Dreamhouse will want to have a party on the day of your child’s birthday!

You can also change the sounds of your Barbie Hello DreamHouse through the app using their sound settings or a customized recording! After you have finished Step 2 below, open ToyTalk and select Customized Play and select the area of the house you wish to modify.

Keep in mind, this feature will not work if you have the your Hello Dreamhouse setup as “shared” play.

2. Establish Your WIFI for Your New Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

Once you’ve download and populated the app information there are a few steps you will need to take to get your Barbie Hello Dreamhouse online in your house. Since you have purchased this from someone else the previous owners WIFI (and Toytalk account information) will still be active until you reset it.

  • To restore factory settings, press and hold the talk button.
  • While holding the talk button, press the reset switch (farthest small hole to the left of the talk button) with a paperclip.
  • Continue to hold the talk button until it flashes (e.g., 3 seconds).

Following the steps above will erase all WIFI network and ToyTalk association to the previous owner.

Next, select Set Up Wifi and follow the steps.

3. Begin Interacting with Your Dreamhouse

It is that easy! Turn on your house Hello Dreamhouse after you’ve plugged it in with the on/off switch on the floor by the front door.

Your child should be in the room when you start the process.

Your Dreamhouse will request you wait until your child is preset too!

The initial demo is great for your child to see all the functionalities and how to use the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse command functionality.

If you are like me, when you hear the beep following the prompt you must say, “Hello Dreamhouse” before answering!

For example, “Hello Dreamhouse, I’d like to make a cake.”

Your Dreamhouse will ask you, “What kind of cake would you like to make.” You will hear a beep; it is not a prompt, but rather, an indicator she is finished talking. You would then say, “Hello Dreamhouse. Chocolate.”

Side note: The buttons on the floor of each room control the room’s lights.

Hopefully the three steps above have simplified your new Barbie Hello Dreamhouse setup.

It really is as easy as downloading the app and restoring factory settings to use your WIFI to begin playing!

Using the Toytalk app mentioned above, you can customize play too!

Ready – set – play!

Truth be told, I’ve been drawn in to playing with the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse myself a time or two… even when my daughter is not around!

If you can remember to always start any interaction with her with “Hello Dreamhouse” the rest is a 2%.

Feel free to share any commands or tips you have about Barbie Hello Dreamhouse below!

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