Hello, I’m Julie and welcome to domesticatingscout.com.

Here’s a little secret you probably already knew: being a mom is hard work.  We manage a million things a day, often on a shoestring, and the pressure is to be flawless.

After all, the stakes are high; we have little two-legged reflections of our maternal success bouncing around every corner, and to make the stakes even higher, we love them to death.

We have to motivate our kids, kick their butts from time to time, make sure they don’t bankrupt us, and keep them engaged and happy at home (and in the world) without destroying it in the process.

As a mother of four, I know this struggle well and love sharing new ways to tackle it!

At domesticatingscout.com we understand the challenges of maintaining a chaos-free, budget-balanced home.  We give you fun and accessible ways to achieve just that.

Our goal is to provide everyday home solutions with a DIY approach, from cuisine to DIY projects, with an eye on saving you money and lightening your load through innovative life hacks.

Whether it’s keeping your insatiable kids fed, facing current issues in the news, or finally tackling that cluttered closet.

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We’ll give you the edge to help you succeed and provide a community of support you never realized you were missing.

Our little ones are obviously the center-pieces of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other commitments and passions, nor that we should stop taking care of ourselves.

The stress of our responsibilities, both in the house and out, can take a toll on our health. From curbing tough habits to hitting our healthiest weight, we provide solutions to make sure your body, mind, and spirit are as well taken care of as your kids are.

We’ll also keep you posted on the best ways to enjoy those brief moments of serenity, whether your escape is a refreshing new look, a delicious book suggestion, or recommendations of the fermented grape variety.

So, take a look around! Our articles generally fall into six main categories: You, Money, Travel, and DIY.

You can browse these categories from any page on the site, or take a stroll through our home page for the newest articles. You can also search our site for any topics you’re looking for a bit of wisdom on.

We’re happy you’re here!