Lego STAR WARS BirthdayParty Ideas

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

If you are looking for DIY Star Wars Themed Party Ideas, look no further! has ideas and free templates to offer too.

So, last year for whatever reason I did not have a birthday party for my youngest and second son.  I know, I’m a jerk! What better place to start then with Star Wars Themed Party Ideas to earn some penance. 

It was important that this party be a game changer or I was never going to get out of the dog house. 

This meant a little bit of wonder every where. 

Now, I’m all about minimal effort, so many items and games were self service.  Also, these DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas are on the cheap (Dollar Tree or 

I have also included some free printables below :), which include the Ice Cream Bar!

Speaking of which, let’s start there shall we.

Star Wars Themed Party Ideas
Star Wars Themed Party Ideas

Star Wars Themed Party Ideas: ICE CREAM BAR

After much Jedi Training in the bouncy house I opened the Legos Star Wars Birthday Party Ice Cream Bar.  I had the kids form a line, and with help I would give the kids the choice between Light (vanilla) or Dark Side (chocolate) Ice Cream (pictured in the back). 

The child would take their choice (card) to the ice cream distributor and get the ice cream of their choice. 

I would get the card back and do it again.  This allowed time for each child to get through the ice cream toppings. 

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ice Cream Bar

The free templates are available below!

Star Wars Themed Party Ideas: DRINKS

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

This cracked me up!  Yoda Soda, which is green of course, and Vador-ade (red). 

I simply printed the labels from the free printable below and taped them on. 

I used Hawaiian Punch green and red.  Then I put dark (black) and light (white) side cups. 

Because I’m cheap, and my neighbor loves Star Wars, I was able to borrow all the items around the table. 

If you know I true Star Wars fan they will have some!


This cake was compliments of a friend.  I spent the most on the bounce house and the cake. 

Basically I paid for the cost of making the cake and purchased the Lego candy and table runner from Amazon (and there are a zillion colors). 

Note: the kids devoured the candy (the yellow are banana flavor).  I borrowed the Lego Hans and Vador figures (on top of the cake) and bobble heads from my neighbor too.  I bought the plates, silverware, napkins, table cover, paper confetti type strips and candles from the our local dollar store.  Of course the green and red lights are from Christmas.


We popped so many of these stormtroppers, but we had a fun time coloring these in and hanging/taping them throughout the house. 

The kids only popped one if you can believe that! 

I bought the bags and balloons from Amazon.  You can probably find them cheaper else where; at the time Texas was the second hardest hit city in the US with the cold and I had it. 

The table cloth and paper fetti from the dollar tree.  I ended up cutting the table cloth for this table and the Lego table (next). 

Use the form below to sign up and get the Stormtropper template free.

Happy Birthday Lego Star Wars Birthday

Star Wars Themed Party Ideas: LEGO TABLE

When you are out numbered (e.g., 23 kids to myself and my husband), you start to get creative with ways to entertain the kids without hosting the game, etc. 

Here is a great idea that involves little input from you and lots of unlimited creative fun for the kids. 

Of course, you can see why we had a Lego Star Wars Birthday Party because, we have lots of Legos!  Place some Legos at the center of the table and it is a free for all! 

The kids will have lots of fun creating, which leaves time for you to entertain other parents.

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Lego Table

Star Wars Themed Party Ideas: JEDI TRAINING

Part two of dealing with being outnumbered: get a bounce house!  The light sabers were purchased at our local dollar store as well. 

Listen, having a party at home ALWAYS runs more then taking it offsite. 

Place some pool noodles or blowup light sabers and place them by the Jedi Training entrance and let ’em ride. 

The white backing is poster board from the dollar store, as well as the black paper lettering.  They had large pieces of black 2 for $1.00.  Got the streamers there too!

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Jedi Training
DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Jedi Training

Here is where some freedom took place.   Yes, there was some tattling, but it was great fun!

DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas .  DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas . DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas


Lego bracelets, Lego suckers, Flarp (dollar store and a huge hit with kids), and let them take home their light sabers.

Finally, it all came to an end and I was out of the dog house!

I hope you found some useful star wars themed party ideas!  As always, sign up below for some free DIY Lego Star Wars Birthday Party printables! 


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