No to BLM

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

Not only by logo, but definition, BLM is violent group with communist goals. No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM.

Besides, when does disparity not become racial? Take statistical disparity for example. Statistically males commit more crime than females, but we do not say the justice department is sexist. Do we refer to this crime as male privilege?

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – BLM IS PACKED FULL OF COMMUNIST GOALS

Here is where all the issues comes in for me. BLM intends to disrupt America and all that she stands for.

Just one example, BLM: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Wow, nothing to see here.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – LEBRON JAMES

I’m not even going to lie, I don’t even watch sports except occasional baseball (or college football against my will), but this sealed the end for me.

Let’s look at what LeBron had to say about BLM: ‘In America … There Ain’t Been No Damn Movement For Us

LeBron is the 7th highest payed member in the NBA and makes $37,436,858 a year.

I guess a dead President, over 600,000 Americans dead and a never ending claim of “oppression” dividing America just ain’t enough for this MULTI MILLIONAIRE.

Kneeling represents to me Americans that pretend they won’t exploit her power and destroy her principles that protect our freedoms while claiming to be “oppressed” wearing clothes made in a country that holds 2/3 of the WORLDS slaves TODAY #slavefree YEAH, WE SEE YOU.

So, to the #NBA, #NBL, #NHL or or any over paid athlete on their knee…. POUND. SAND.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – OPRAH WINFREY

Recently, Oprah Winfrey debuted a show on her network discussing “white privilege.”

Oprah said, “You still have your whiteness. That’s what the term ‘white privilege’ is. It means that whiteness still gives you an advantage, no matter.”

How racist is that?

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

Oprah does not see power and money as privilege, she only sees color.

Not to mention she an “oppressed” billionaire lecturing white people on their privilege, which escapes her.

None the less, it is hard to break an individual free from chains they revere.

Case in point: blacks vote 90%+ democrat; there has been no change to the black community in 50 years. Biden has had almost 50 years to improve the black community, with a black president; he nor Obama did.


BLM gives little to no money to the black community and is largely supported by democrats and other known ANTIFA/BLM supporters like Soros (who has been band from returning to his own country and five others).

Nothing about the black system has changed.

For example:

  • Some 70% of blacks do no graduate
  • Blacks represent 14% of the population, but 1/2 of the murder in the US.
  • Fatherless homes jumped from 20% to 70% because, black women are encouraged to marry the government (welfare) rather than fight for the nuclear family.
  • Black women have 40% of the abortions (and most planned parenthood’s are in their neighborhoods).

When you don’t want to make it better for blacks, but you want to buy the problem off (eg., reparations) and justify it by saying, tax payers won’t even notice….

You ARE the knee.

9/11 VS George Floyd

I wouldn’t say May 25, 2020 was as shocking as 9/11; the devastation that followed was nothing short of 9/11.

The reason May 25, 2020 was not as shocking to me as 9/11 was because, I knew exactly what we were dealing with: police officers, Derek Chauvin and Alexander Kueng’s, bad conduct, which would even be debunked later after the full body cam was released showing Floyd resisting arrest over and over agin.

I knew as a country we would stand in solidarity with what happened to George Floyd.

9/11 was unknown in every aspect.


I had a conversation with my older son’s friend? Let’s call him Dende.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that my son had told me they were not hanging out anymore because, he thought his “friend” secretly hated white people.

Dende was posting on Facebook supporting BLM and planning to protest. After hearing him brag about BLM “taking the police station” in Minneapolis I cautioned him not to become what he hated.

I pointed out the parallels of the KKK and BLM actions.

Nor do I believe police are the problem since the data does not support it.

Within minutes his friends showed up to the conversation and began calling me a racist. In mob fashion, before I left the conversation they had published my address and phone number and instructed the mob to get me.

I did not believe what my son told me; it turned out he would be correct.

When my son confronted him about his actions, saying he was being the racist, he said, “I can’t be racist, I’m black.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – BLM IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST GROUP

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

The hardest hit cities do not believe BLM is a domestic terrorist group; just four points would lead anyone to believe.

If you are not familiar with with the group itself, keep in mind all that has happened since May 26, 2020, and that doesn’t not include the dummest actions yet to come.

Here we are just three short months later and BLM has:

Also, consider BLM riots and looters are in democrat run cities/states. Recently, in Chicago, democrat Mayor Lightfoot urges police to ignore violence and arrest kids.

Yep, police drive right past looters and arrest a 7 year old for having a birthday party.

Democrat run cities usually get their police chief to resign and then vote to defund the police.


The police take an even bigger hit. Within weeks the BLM (and ANTIFA) mob blames all police for George Floyd’s death – even though the officers involved have already been arrested and charged – and insist everyone else should believe the same. Further body cam footage shows George Floyd resisted arrest.

In fact, if you don’t see their lawless behavior as appropriate your a racist and will quickly be met with privilege checking.

If you refuse to see them as a victim and dare to compare them to Jews, you will be accused of being a white supremacist because, everyone knows Jews are the beneficiaries of white privilege.

I can’t make this up!

Although his death was wrong, make no mistake, BLM has made this man a glorified criminal – to say the very least.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

Democrat run city officials ask police to stand down.

FIRST: Seattle, Washington rioters set up a Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) occupying six blocks and the city’s East police precinct. The murdering, raping, “no cop zone” was referred to by the mayor, Jenny Durkan, as a “block party atmosphere” and “summer of love.”

The mayor denies giving the order to abandon the precinct while Chief Carmen Best condemns the city officials.

SECOND: only 173 miles away in a city ran by mayor Ted Wheeler, Portland, Oregon, similar signs of denial surface when Homeland Security has to be sent in to defend Federal property because, he won’t.

Nancy Pelosi further endangering Federal Agents lives referring to them as NAZI Stormtroppers.

Their Portland police chief, Jami Resch, stepped down amid unrest while Wheeler stands by orders for police to stand down. Riots topple 60 days.

THIRD: not enough chaos yet? BLM ‘occupied zone’ sets up in another city, Atlanta, Georgia, which is ran by mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms who thinks the President should direct her on how to run her city. She grapples with a PD walk out while she plans to close the Atlanta jail and open an equity, wealth, wellness and health center.


FOURTH: Chicago & New York City’s crime rate go through the roof and both mayors Lightfoot and Cuomo, blame Trump.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

FINALLY: crazy town returns to the Minneapolis Council who voted unanimously to defund the police and then instructed their citizens on how to be robbed.

Minneapolis is the most obvious in their shared group think with BLM while voting 12-0 to defund the police they charged tax payers $152k in private security so far.

What is important to note before we move on is that none of these leaders have even been willing to call BLM domestic terrorists until their own residence have been visited personally by the BLM mobs.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM

Nor have they been willing to dismantled these BLM zones without a citizens having to die first.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – MAKE NO MISTAKE BLM WILL EAT THEIR OWN

Did you know there are over 175 companies that support BLM (and ANTIFA). BLM members have burned and looted several of them such as: Wendy’s and Target… and in multiple cities.

Activists set up a guillotine outside Jeff Beszos’ house and called for Amazon to end. Even after he and his ex-wife donated BILLIONS to BLM.

The mayors mentioned above, who swayed law enforcement to stand down and allowed the autonomous zone – each got a visit from the BLM mob: Atlanta Mayor, Chicago Mayor, Portland Mayor, and newly added Olympia, Washington, Mayor Cheryl Selby.

These are just a few of the individuals and businesses they have targeted despite BLM support; no one is safe from their mob mentality.


BLM is only turning out more victims. They are not helping the black communities. Black Lives Matter said it is a movement focused on police brutality only; they have not produced any goals with merit to show they can even accomplish a narrow task to uplift their community.

Defunding police will only increase crime.

Back to Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot says there needs to be measures against guns.

You know, because, law abiding criminals keep everything safe. Not to mention, if gun free zones worked: Chicago, NYC and schools would be the safest places in the U.S.

Again, no accountability, just blaming and victimhood.

They will even blame whites for the their lawless behavior as we have seen for months now.

Asking whites to kneel and ask for forgiveness as BLM destroys cities, kill citizens and attack police.

No Is An Answer Too: Why I Will Never Support BLM – BLM is a terrorists group that will not stop justifying their crime and blaming whites while they accept no accountability for their actions or safety of their communities.

I will not support a movement that pits Americans against each other.

People don’t fight BLM because, they think their challenge will self-destruct when met with logical intelligence and/or the discovery of historical failures.  

How is that working out?  

To answer the question, why I will never support BLM ask yourself: do you think if we just ignore BLM (and the failing democrat run cities), they will disappear or spread like a cancer?

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