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Organize Your Closet (Easily)

If dealing with clutter overwhelm, don’t worry, we got a simple plan to organize your closet, easily.

The idea of being organized is so nice, isn’t it?  The idea is nice; getting it done is another story with all of life’s demands. With these closet organization tips, you can organize your closet (easily), even if you take a break.

Of course we all want that picture perfect closet; let’s get real, there is a reason we’re all fascinated with those awesome organized closet pictures.

It’s hard work!

My closet is a place I have trouble dealing with for two reasons: 1) it is the catch all for anything that doesn’t have a home and, 2) I will want to organize my closet all at once, which stops me from even starting.

Like I said, I like everything to have a place and my closet has become the place for all the stuff that doesn’t have a place. 

It represents a never ending to-do list.  Literally, looking at it, being in it, thinking about organizing it, or even putting clothes away makes me irritable!

It is an awful feeling to be in a space you feel you are not meant to be in.

Recently I took the BusyBudgeter 90 Day Budget Bootcamp to improve my relationship with money. One challenge was to create a Home Stockroom.

Thus, tasking me to find a place for home goods – an inventory area if you will.  Although my house is spacious, my closet is the largest storage area.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.  I needed closet organization tips ASAP!


What’s the problem, I thought to myself.

None the less, that home stockroom was going to have to be in my closet and that was already occupied with other stuff.

It was such a task however that I could not bear the thought of it.  So, I had to figure out a way to tackle it in a way that fit my need to get all done at once kind of personality.

I had to figure out a way to tackle this over time that would not make me feel like I had to do it in one day.

Here is what I did and you can organize your closet you and you don’t have to do it in one day.


This is going to be your biggest reward.  DO NOT skip this step! 

If you have a large closet, take pictures of each area.  Here are some examples that I referenced when I was getting sick of working through the clutter. 

It helped me tremendously to keep going even though I was knew there was a lot to do!

Organize Your Closet (Easily)

Speaking of areas, that is step two.


For example, if you have a sliding door closet you could break that out in three ways:

  1. Organize one side at a time: one day do the right side and the next day the left.  Or one week on one side and so on.
  2. Top shelf one day, your hanging clothes another, and the floor the third day.
  3. Similarly, you could follow the steps in the second step only on one half of the closet at a time, but break it out in sections (e.g., floor, hanging closet and top shelf).

Go at your own pace.

Have a plan so you will not get overwhelmed or feel pressure to get it all done at once.



Create a board in Pinterest and name it: My Future Closet or Closet Ideas, etc. to resist the urge to go out and drop money on this project. 

Closet organization tips 101: let the ideas sit there until you are finished with the reorg.  You can make the board secret if you want.

Then, when you have completely decluttered your closet go back and visit the board.  Buy what you want then.

For me, I started with the first area of my closet you could see.  I started with the floor one day and worked my way up to the clothes the second day and finally, the top shelf.


I strongly suggest starting with the easiest area to keep your momentum going.  If you can not identify an area then I suggest starting with one task:

  • Pick out all excess hangers from the closet.
  • Throw away unused shoe boxes.
  • Put two items in a bag to donate (even if you don’t know what to do with the bag just yet).

Take baby steps if the clutter is too much!

Take it from me, the more you try to get done before you are ready the worse you are going to make yourself feel, and that is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish here!

My closet is big enough that I could comfortably break it into six sections.  I felt the most progress with this section.


I realized at this point my project was going to take longer then I planned. 

By prioritizing each section, as mentioned in Step Two my goal was about creating more storage space, so I knew where to start.

A goal can help you compartmentalize the tasks of your project.

This is not how my personality works.  I wanted to follow the flow of the closet; I was trying to meet my goals of creating this storage area more than organizing my entire closet, which meant decluttering.



Clutter is no joke.  Tackle this project with a plan no matter how small the area is so it is not overwhelming. 

Find sections you can work with and incorporate ways to move the purged items.

Here are some questions that motivated me:

  1. Are the clothes worn or visibly damaged? Consideringthrow them out
  2. Do I honestly love the item? If I’m not total excited about the thoughts of how it looks or feels I consider giving it away.
  3. Money is always an issue too.  So, if it is worth some money, but I don’t love it, I might sell it on a site like Ebay.
  4. As I sort through my clothes, I ask myself, “if I was in a clothing store right now, would I buy this?”

Resell sites can help you unload items.  Think lots.  Put clothes together in lots by size and sell them. For example, four shirts for $30.

Have a cut-off date ending on Sunday night. 

You’ll get the best shopping traffic this way.  The cut off will free you and the buyer from indecision.

Keep track of what you do, so even if it still looks cluttered you will know it is less cluttered than before.


Let me breakdown how it turned out. Just writing it all down is proof of how long I had put this task off.

  • I threw away over 50 wire hangers and these narrow no-slip hangers are a great alternative.
  • 30+ hangers went to the laundry room.
  • Gave away two bags (and a large box) of clothes.
  • Threw away FOUR kitchen trash bags full of garbage.
  • Hats in our closet we ridiculous! 
  • The fabrics on the shelves were moved to another unused shelf in another closet.
  • The ben full of papers, where the paper towels are now, was purged to my children’s most meaningful works and stowed under my bed. 
  • One bag of summer clothes ended up there too. 
  • One box and two bags went in the attic and I bought peppermint oil, which I diluted with water, to deter possible intruders since it smells better than moth balls.  You never know!
  • Two bags of clothes and a small bag of jewelry went into the sale pile.

Even when I look at it know, it seems cluttered, but I remind myself of everything above and accept this is about progress, not perfection. 

Also, I did not buy anything to organize my closet and used my favorite hack on my husbands military gear.


Closet organization tips can simple if you force yourself to use what you have too.

Finally, look in your closet.  Take a complete look around.  Go sit down and write out your plan of action. 

Break it into manageable sections and don’t forget about cleaning (e.g., dusting, vacuuming, etc.)  But most of all, take your time. 

This is your closet, it isn’t going anywhere; this approach will help you organize your closet, easily.

I want this to be successful for you and that means going at your own pace!

Looking for some more organizational inspiration?  Find ideas for Organizing Baby’s Stuff here.


  • Mirlene | Savory Thoughts

    Hi Julie! This post was definitely written for me. I cannot express enough how much I loath wire hangers but yet I can’t seem to part myself from them. Good tip on taking pictures first. When it comes to organizing, i am a visual person, so the picture will definitely help. Taking baby steps?! These word aren’t even in my vocabulary 🙁 but definitely a necessary step! Love this article.

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