Rainbow Spaghetti

Boom, rainbow spaghetti is a real crowd pleaser among my two legged reflections of my maternal success bouncing around every corner.  Even though it is awesome colored spaghetti the real reason rainbow spaghetti is a hit around my house is because, it makes boring food new again for my dear picky eaters. 

Trust me, they’d  eat plain spaghetti every night if I let them.  Rainbow spaghetti is also a way to introduce or insert “non-approved” veggie.

Rainbow Spaghetti: SUPPLIES

Not much is needed outside of what you use to make spaghetti besides two ingredients, which you probably have around the house.

Spaghetti Noodles

Food Coloring/organic food coloring

Ziplock Bags

Rainbow Spaghetti: INSTRUCTIONS

First, cook your noodles al dente.  Reserve a bowl of the water before straining and set aside noodles aside.

Second, divide Ziplock bags into the colors you want to use.  For example, one for yellow, one for red, etc.

Third, place two table spoons of the hot water with your drained pasta and 15-20 drops of food coloring in each bag. 

I added the water and food coloring before the noodles.

Forth, seal your bag and mix it up until the noodles turn the color you like.

Finally, put the finished product in a strainer.  Rise the Rainbow spaghetti with cold water to stop the noodles from cooking.

The last step removes excess coloring.

Incase you missed it, check out these organic food coloring options.

Rainbow Spaghetti: TIPS

The color absorbs fast and will develop as you make other colors.  So, not overcrowd the bag, it will cause blotchy color deposits. 

As you can see by the purple, it resembles earthworms, so if you are not starting with a purple food coloring (I mixed blue and red) I would wave it off next time.

Also noteworthy, I cook my pasta with olive oil.  I used about a tablespoon while cooking my two bags of spaghetti and it did not seem to affect the food coloring.  

Mix the rainbow spaghettiup or serve individually.  Your kids will love these colorful spaghetti noodles, and more then likely will end up playing with their food too. 

You can serve them when your kids have friends over as a special treat, as an every day pick me up or for special occasion (like new vegetables or meat). 

We top them with butter, parm cheese, etc.  No matter how or when you serve them they will be well received!

Don’t be shy!  If you try this, please, share your photos!

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