How to separate the facts 101. Here are the reasons why the NBA vs police is the last place this fight should be happening for everyone involved.

In full disclosure, I do watch basketball. Similarly, I will not watch any national sport that does not represent the N in the first place, so please depart now if you do not agree.

You are a paid “player.”


Throwing a tantrum and taking everyone hostage in the process is a victim mentality that will not win any game, on or off the court.


I will never forget the outrage I felt when I read LeBron statement on Black Lives Matter: “In America … There Ain’t Been No Damn Movement For Us.”

The 7th highest payed member in the NBA IS Lebron. He makes $37,436,858 a YEAR.

Just to clarify, I guess a dead President, over 600,000 dead Americans over a Civil War – and a never ending claim of “oppression” dividing America just ain’t enough for this MULTI-millionaire.

The NBA wears apparel made in a country that holds 2/3 of the WORLDS slavers TODAY #slavefree



More importantly, every other overpaid “slave” that is not willing to give up one dime of your “oppressed millions” for an actual slave in China….

However, I digress.


The jig is up. “Quite frankly it’s just f**ked up in our community,” he said. “And I said it, I know people get tired of hearing me say it but we are scared as a Black people in America. Black men, Black women, Black kids, we are terrified.” Also LeBron.

If the fear of police was real all of the answers to these questions would be no.

  1. Will they engage in criminal activity?
  2. Would they stop resisting the police if the told to do so?
  3. Will they listen to or write songs about killing blacks/other races and police?

The words and actions do not line up.



What all of the riots have in common? Criminals. You are not peaceful if you are Burning, Looting or Murdering.

Since May 26, 2020 30 Americans have died related to BLM riots in the United States. BLM will try to stifle this basic fact with threats of violence if you point it out.

Ironically, missing the magnifying glass on BLM and criminal behavior.

In the most recent case, which has led to the NBA walkout: Kenosha County Case Number 2020CF000736 State of Wisconsin vs. Jacob S. Blake ignited BLMs hate again.

The reality is Jacob S. Blake, like George Floyd, had regular runins with the law and domestic violence.

Did you know George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while his friends robbed her?

Like George, Jacob’s criminal activity was started years prior. What some do not know is he did have an active warrant for sexual assault, domestic abuse, trespassing and disorderly conduct. 

They know domestic violence increases their risks.

Jacob Blake did have a karambit knife.

He won’t comply.

If a criminal is resisting arrest it rarely turns out well for the officer(s).

They told him to stop. Not to enter his car.

What could go wrong?



Did you know domestic disputes are the leading cause of deaths for police on duty?

48 police officers were murdered in 2019. 36 of those assailants had prior criminal arrests, just like Jacob Blake.

What most people are unaware of is actual police data. Moreover, police shot and killed NINE unarmed black people last year (20 whites) and 1,098 citizens total.

There are roughly 331M people in the U.S. that we know of and about 800,000 sworn officers.


The odds of dying at the hands of police is .000003%.

Death by medical errors are almost 100,000 annually. Making it the third leading cause of death in the U.S/10%.

Who is protesting that profession?

No. One.

People will actually call you a racist for presenting these facts!


What if the NBA vs Police is actually the movement police need to bring awareness to citizens who abuse the police?

FBI data on felonious deaths:

“The 48 felonious deaths occurred in 19 states and in Puerto Rico. The 5- and 10-year comparisons show an increase of 7 felonious deaths compared with the 2015 figure (41 officers) and a decrease of 7 deaths compared with 2010 data (55 officers).

Officer Profiles.

40 years of age is the average age of officers killed. The victim officers had served in law enforcement for an average of 13 years at the times of the fatal incidents. Of the 48 officers:

  • 45 were male
  • 3 were female
  • 40 were white
  • 7 were black/African American
  • 1 was Asian.


Of the 48 officers feloniously killed:

  • 15 died as a result of investigative or law enforcement activities
    • 6 conducting traffic violation stops
    • 4 performing investigative activities
    • 2 drug-related matters
    • 2 interacting with wanted persons
    • 1 was investigating suspicious person or circumstance
  • 9 involved in tactical situations
    • 3 barricaded/hostage situations
    • 3 serving, or attempting to serve, search warrants
    • 2 serving, or attempting to serve, arrest warrants
    • 1 reported in the category titled “other tactical situation”
  • 5 involved in unprovoked attacks
  • 4 were responding to crimes in progress
    • 2 robberies
    • 1 larceny-theft
    • 1 reported in the category titled “other crime against property”
  • 3 involved in arrest situations and were attempting to restrain/control/handcuff the offender(s) during the arrest situations
  • 3 were assisting other law enforcement officers
    • 2 with vehicular pursuits
    • 1 with foot pursuit
  • 3 were responding to disorders or disturbances
    • 2 were responding to disturbances (disorderly subjects, fights, etc.)
    • 1 responding to a domestic violence call
  • 3 involved in vehicular pursuits
  • 2 ambushed (entrapment/premeditation)
  • 1 was serving, or attempting to serve, a court order (eviction notice, subpoena, etc.).


Offenders used firearms to kill 44 of the 48 victim officers. Four officers were killed with vehicles used as weapons. Of the 44 officers killed by firearms:

  • 34 slain with handguns
  • 7 with rifles
  • 1 with a shotgun
  • 2 with firearms in which the types of firearms were unknown or not reported


Felonious deaths were reported in four U.S. regions and Puerto Rico.

  • 27 officers were feloniously killed in the South
  • 9 in the Midwest
  • 9 in the West
  • 1 in the Northeast
  • 2 in Puerto Rico


Law enforcement agencies identified 49 alleged assailants in connection with the felonious line-of-duty deaths.

  • 36 of the assailants had prior criminal arrests.
  • 12 of the offenders were under judicial supervision at the times of the felonious incidents.”

Who is the problem? BLM, NBA or the Police?

After a looking at the facts and not the feelings, it is easy to see a police officer puts his life on the line every day, no race involved.

It’s hard to believe the NBA or BLM can honestly justify police brutality.

Yes, Lebron, we’re all scared. Scared of the mob BLM has created. This movement is not good for America or the problems pleging the black community.

If you want to make a difference abandon BLM. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group.

No is an answer too: why I’ll never support BLM

Walk away from NBA vs Police mentality.

Start making a difference in your community (use your 40M followers on Twitter to rally LeBron) by educating your youth. Help restore the nuclear family.

And play ball.

Basketball IS what you are good at.

Your job is not a first amendment right; your speech is.

This could be working with police, helping a vet fighting the war within (22 take their own lives a day) or thank Americans for the sacrifices they’ve made to make America the greatest place in the world.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are not victims.

When the NBA vs Police boycott is over, given all the data, how do BLM and the like think cops will feel: more or less protective?

At the end of the day it is hard to free a man of the chains he reveres; to know your skin is an organ, which cannot form ideas or think is a start to understanding your mind is the only thing enslaving you.

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